Continious savings

Continious savings

For most end customers the total costs of vehicles is the second highest company cost. These costs can only be reduced with actual insight using enriched and analysed information. Result is lower maintenance costs, less mileage and fewer cars.

As Inalise we have bridged the gap and solved continuous forthcoming challenges between all different vehicle protocols that vary per brand, type and model. Inalise provides a seamless interface regardless of the vehicle.


Optimising your fleet made easy


Inalise provides the accurate information that allows decisions to be made and fleets to be organised efficiently. Available end to end solutions.

  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle Management & Control
  • Location Based Usage & Intelligence
  • Real-time Track & Trace
  • Driving Style Analysis
  • Car sharing
  • Route and traffic information
  • Route and traffic information
  • Route and traffic information
  • Pay As You Drive (PAYD)
  • Pay How You Drive (PHYD)
  • Usage Based Insurance (UBI)
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Country specific tax solutions

These services will bring a greener well-optimised fleet with a lower total cost of ownership.