Tailored application delivery

Tailored application delivery

Typical demands in the field are:


  • Overview of the trips for the driver
  • The actual location of the driver for the planner
  • The amount of worked hours for the project administration
  • Enable and manage car sharing for the fleet manager
  • Changing the driver of a vehicle for HR and fleet manager
  • Route optimisation to reduce driving time for everybody
  • Driving style analysis to build a Pay-How-You-Drive solution or Usage Based Insurance
  • Manage mobile resource and assets for the project leader
  • Steer vehicle maintenance for the leasing company
  • Connect the car as carrier for reliable information for the OEM's


  • Increase the serviceability of the asset for the supplier and technician
  • Information about the actual usage for the supplier and executive
  • Easier management and better customer experience for the user and executive

Human logic:

  • Real-time overview in the project and activities that a team or individual is working on for the project manager
  • Schedule work and reassign resources effectively for the planner or coordinator
  • Invoice worked hours instantly for the administration


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